Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Subcontract Machining Services

Tech Cast works with a very specialized network of machining facilities to ensure maximum quality is attained in the most expedient manner. We have teamed up with a very limited number of reputable and reliable machining subcontractors to allow us to meet any machining needs necessary in today’s investment casting marketplace. Much of our work is machined on state of the art CNC equipment using today’s latest tooling technology and practice for ultimate precision and repeatability.  Holding tight and exacting tolerances over larger than average dimensions is common place for our suppliers.
Machining capabilities encompass a wide range including simple milling and drilling, turning diameters upwards of 24”, and also extend to various types of surface grinding for fine finishes. Vertical and horizontal milling is common. EDM is available in certain situations.

Subcontracted Painting and Plating Services

Currently Tech Cast can supply aluminium die castings with almost any type of plating available on the market. Our suppliers can readily meet many plating materials, such as zinc, zinc phosphate, black oxide, hard chrome, electroless nickel, and cadmium just name a few. Military, AMS, and many other specifications are common practice and can be readily certified.
Should your company need to receive castings with a fresh coat of paint, that’s not a problem for Tech Cast either. We have reputable suppliers that can meet any color necessary. Pre-treatment is often standard, and salt spray testing is commonplace to ensure your parts will stand up to harsh environments. As before, whether you require a long standing MIL specification with certification or need to meet your company’s own, our select suppliers can satisfy your needs.
  • paint
  • yellow zinc dichromate
  • cadmium
  • black oxide
  • electroyless nickel
  • chrome

Subcontracted Passivation

Should your aluminium die castings require chemical scale removal, Tech Cast can readily offer any one of several processes to meet those needs. ASTM A380 is commonly used, as well as other methods as specified by our customers.
Passivation is also performed on a repeated basis by Tech Cast. Our suppliers offer all standard forms of passivation to specifications such as ASTM A380 and ASTM A967 Nitric 1, Nitric 2, & Nitric 3. This service is commonly performed on both raw and machined casting components. Specialized racking is also available upon request to prevent part on part contact. If hydrogen embrittlement is a concern, we can handle that as well with a hydrogen baking process.
  • ASTM A967 Nitric 1, Nitric 2, Nitrc 3
  • ASTM A380 passivation
  • ASTM A380 pickle
  • Hydrogen bake capabilities to eliminate hrdrogen embrittlement